Best Fashion Lace Wigs to Make a Style Statement in 2022

Temi Mofe fashion lace hair wigs have gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time. While most women wear our lace wigs for fashion and styling, few use them to recover from temporary hair damage. No matter the reason behind wearing a fashion wig, they look amazing and are super fun! 

However, picking a fashion wig from our huge catalog can be really tricky, especially for those who are new to our online store. That’s why we decided to help. 

In this blog, we will share a list of the best fashion lace wigs on sale for styling. These hair wigs are not only heat-friendly but also highly breathable, durable, and lightweight. 

Here are the 6 must-buy fashion lace wigs for women in Temi Mofe catalog: 

#1 Straight hair lace wig (transparent lace)

This real hair wig is one of the top-selling fashion hair wigs in our catalog. It’s a full-bodied, straight, and long wig with real human hair. Hand tied with a transparent lace, you don’t have to worry about its durability and breathability. This fashion hair wig’s base comes in two different sizes - 5” x 5” and 13” x 4”. 

The 12A hair - highest quality hair that has not gone through any chemical process provides flawless, glowing, and luxurious look to women. Young women who want to flaunt their straight hair on the side or sport a soft flip on the ends can totally rely on this straight transparent lace hair wig as it gives the ability to part the hair in any direction. Meaning,  whichever hairstyle you select, it will look super. 

Priced at $299, this straight fashion hair wig for women comes in different hair lengths, hair colours, and density. 

fashion wig

#2 Straight hair wig

A brand new fashion lace wig added to our hair wigs collection! This straight hair wig is certainly one of the best lace hair wigs for women who love to experiment with their hair. This fashion lace wig for women features virgin 100% human hair strands that are truly premium in nature. 

Affordable and realistic enough, you will be able to put on different hairstyles with this wig. TEMI1 fashion lace wig has a premium base that comprises a HD lace - comfortable and breathable material that also provides a natural look . 

The base of this straight hair wig in HD lace is highly durable, breathable, and lightweight. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about sweating even on a hot summer day! This stylish lace wig will work for both casual and formal events. 

Available in black hair colour, women can buy this straight hair wig for just $409 from our online shop.


#3 Body wave hair wig

Fashion is the name of the game when you choose to wear our Body Wave lace hair wig in transparent lace. This premium real hair wig has been crafted for women who don’t want to do any damage to their real hair while experimenting with different styles using heat equipment. 

Whether you want a care-free beach haircut or a no-nonsense business hairstyle, body wave lace hair wig will adjust well with your style goals. Just like the rest of our fashion wigs for women, it also comes with 100% human hair that looks nothing less than real hair. 

Best for ladies with medium head size, we have used a transparent lace for making the base. We have also used special double-drawn hair in this body wave fashion hair topper. Unlike single-drawn hair, its hair will be thick and full from top to bottom.

Thanks to clips on the sides, it is super easy to secure the wig’s position. Shop this new fashion hair wig from our online store for just US249 and let it take charge of your day. 

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#4 HD body wave lace wig

A timeless look that never goes out of fashion. Body wave hair with a special double drawn HD lace fashion hair wig is a winner no matter what your age. Its lavish human hair with a HD lace base offers a believable, natural hairline with an all-natural look. 

With authentic wig shape, Body Wave HD lace wig gives you long-lasting comfort. Its high-quality HD lace cap also has clips which makes attachment and removal of wig an easy task. They also allow the fashion hair wig to sit securely and firmly on your head. 

Comfortable to wear, the fashion hair wig is flattering to all types of face structures. Available in black+brown color, HD real hair wig for women has a hair length of 26-inches and can be bought for US$499 from Temi Mofe. 

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fashion wig

#5 Kinly Curly hair wig

One of the newest additions to our fast-growing fashion wigs catalog, Kinly Curly fashion wig will help you look stylish by giving really long and stunning curly hair. 

Kinly Curly lace hair wig for women has 20-inches long black real human hair that is not just sleek but can also be easily customized as per the requirements. Featuring a 13” x 4” HD lace and open lace front, your scalp will feel comfortable and breathable all day long in this wig.  

12A human hair - the highest quality hair that looks fuller, richer, natural, creating better quality, without having to alter the hair too much will help create a flawless, glowing, and luxurious look for women.

Buy this fashion hair wig for $339 and unlock all possibilities of styling your hair. 

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fashion wig

#6 Kinly Curly transparent lace hair wig

Another popular lace fashion wig with kinly curly hair worth grabbing from our online shop. Kinly Curly hair wig (transparent lace) has been crafted for those women who have a thing for curly hair and love to keep it manageable and stylish. Suited for women of all ages, it has 100% sleek human hair that comes with two hair length options (22” and 24”). 

Being heat-friendly in nature, this hair wig allows you to use styling tools without providing any damage to your real hair. Each strand of this fashion wig is hand-tied. It will give you a natural appearance and hair movement being like your actual hair. 

Kinly curly hair wig for women has a high-quality transparent lace base that just melts into your skin. In other words, it blends well with your scalp and provides the look of hair coming out of it. Plus, they are very thin and breathable. Fashionable women won’t be feeling so hot even in warm climates. 

Available in natural black color, transparent lace fashion wig comes in two base size options and has a price tag of $309. 

Above are the best fashion wigs for women to buy from Temi Mofe’ online shop. By wearing one of the above hair wigs on your head, you will let the world know that you have arrived! Didn’t find the hair wig of your choice? Browse our online catalog to find the right hair extension for yourself! 

In case of queries, send us an email at Our hair wig experts would be happy to help you out. 

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