12 Major Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is one of the most devastating and frustrating things that can happen to a woman. For ladies, hair is like an ornament. And losing it can cause depression, low self-esteem, and less frequent and enjoyable social engagement. Since treating hair loss is not possible without understanding the cause behind it, we created this blog to help women all across the globe.

In this post, Temi Mofe will share the most common causes of hair loss in women. Read and learn to speed up your recovery:

Women hair loss causes

Below are the most common causes of hair loss in women:

#1 Medications

A lot of women are not aware of the fact that some medications that they use to treat a specific condition can trigger hair loss. They do so by interfering with the normal scalp hair growth, disrupting hormones, and triggering hair loss.

If you are currently going through a medical treatment and hair loss is happening, tell your doctor to change your medications.

hair loss causes

#2 Stress

Stress is one of the major causes of hair loss in women of all ages. Thankfully, hair fall triggered due to stress is not permanent but it can do a lot of damage to your self-esteem.

Reducing stress helps in triggering back the hair growth and stops aggressive hair fall. Tackle stress by following doctor recommendations, eating healthy, and connecting with nature.

#3 Smoking and alcohol

While smoking causes damage to follicles of hair, alcohol is not directly related to hair fall. However, excessive drinking can cause hormonal changes that trigger hair loss.

Women can get rid of hair fall caused by alcohol and smoking by reducing their intake. Take therapy if you are falling to cope with withdrawal symptoms. 

#4 High blood pressure

Yes, you read it right! High blood pressure is directly related to hair fall in women. Medications that ladies use for controlling high blood pressure not only trigger hair fall but also stop hair growth.

Practicing specific yoga poses and eating healthy food can help in normalizing the hair fall caused by high blood pressure.

#5 Dandruff

Although dandruff is not directly related to hair loss, scalp itchiness caused by it can weaken hair follicles and lead to hair loss. It’s best to get rid of dandruff by adopting the right hair care routine.

Home remedies are also quite helpful in dealing with dandruff and related hair loss.

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#6 Nutrient deficiencies

One of the known causes of hair loss among women. Our hair needs proper nutrients to reach maximum health. It’s proven that when women’s body lacks the recommended amount of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, they face extreme hair fall.

If hair fall has been bothering you for a long time, consult your doctor and improve your daily diet to give your hair proper nutrients.

#7 Regular shampoos and conditioners

A lot of hair shampoos and conditioners being sold in supermarkets contain harmful chemicals like ammonium lauryl sulfate, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, and triethanolamine that trigger hair fall and stop hair growth.

Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely if your hair is sensitive and prone to breakage. Consult a dermatologist to get product recommendations.

#8 Hairstyling

Experimenting with your hair a lot damages hair roots and impacts hair strength. Hairstyling products like straighteners produce heat that make hair strands weak and triggers hair fall in women.

Rethink your hairstyling if you have been losing a lot of hair

hair loss causes

#9 Hereditary hair loss

A percentage of women develop hereditary hair loss, which is the most common cause of hair fall worldwide. Also called female pattern hair loss, your inherited genes make your hair follicles shrink and put a stop to your hair growth. Your hair at the temples and hairline start to recede and the crown starts to thin.

As time passes, the hairline becomes reasonably high that it joins up with patch at the crown to create a fully bald scalp. Treating the cause at an early stage can help women stop or slow hair loss. One may also become able to produce new hair.

#10 Age

How could we not tell you about this common cause of hair loss among women? Nearly every lady has some hair loss with aging. As they grow older, the hair production on their scalp also drops behind. At some point, hair follicles stop growing hair. Result, hair on your scalp begins to thin.

Hair also starts to lose its color. And at some point, women’s hairline also naturally starts to reside. Temi Mofe suggests visiting a dermatologist immediately if your hair condition is deteriorating readily.

#11 Chemotherapy

Yes, you read it right. The drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cancer cells in your body is also the cause behind hair loss in women. Chemotherapy attacks other rapidly growing cells in your body including those in your hair roots.

What’s worse, it causes hair loss in women not only on the scalp but whole body. However, hair usually starts to regenerate within months of finishing chemotherapy treatment.

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#12 Hairstyle pulls

Do you love wearing tight hairstyles? If yes, we want to let you know that it is another cause of hair loss in women. When your hair is pulled back too tightly, it breaks away from its roots. As a result, you may face splitting, hair weakness, and follicle damage, even worse permanent hair loss.

hair loss causes

Women hair fall

The above insights will help you learn more about hair fall in women. If the part of your hair continues to widen, you found bald spots or shedding doesn’t stop, we recommend seeing a dermatologist immediately. Use Temi Mofe’s premium human hair wigs if nothing works well for you.  

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Send us an email at Temimofehair@gmail.com in case of queries. Our hair experts will be more than happy to answer them for you!
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